August 23, 2006 Meeting Minutes



The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Chair Jack Babbitt at 6:05 p.m. at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington. Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish available.


Pledge of Allegiance led by Patrick Wilson.

Roll Call of Governing Board Members conducted by Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares.  Members present:  J Babbitt, S. Baldwin, D. Compton, S. Fimbres, D. Ethington, A. Hernandez, G. Kern, D. McCarbery, L. Mejia, C. Moreno, L Moreno-Linares, H. Osterhoudt, N. Osterhoudt, M. Perez, T. Ringor, J. Rodriguez, P. Wilson.
Approval of minutes of previous meeting:  Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares provided minutes of the meeting of July 2006, for consideration.  Motion by P.Wilson, second by L. Mejia, passed unanimously.


2.               Los Angeles Police Report – Officer Ron Johnson & Srgt. Engedal gave report. Presented new Senior Lead Officers, David Siurek, Ana Pinell,   Q&A


3.               Public Comment

a.      Don Compton on school sites.

b.     Soledad Garcia on MOW with DWP.

c.      Arthur Hernandez on port meeting.

d.     Judy Brilhart, resident, on illegal trash dumping.

e.      Donny Brooks from Mayor’s Office gave report.

Sept 25 groundbreaking (213) 978-0737. Q&A.


4.               Presentations

a.      Elections Update – Jack & Dennis reported that no update because its not clear form DONE if changes requested are already included. Correspondence from DONE on elections update given to all members. Report Next Month.


5.               Action Items

a.      LANI MOU:  The WNC Executive Board recommends to the WNC Governing Board that Gateway Beautification Committee Chair be authorized to sign the MOU between the WNC and LANI for the construction of the PCH East (Shell) Gateway. M/S D McCarbery, L Moreno-Linares, discussion, Vote, 16Yes,

0 No, 1 Abstain (S Fimbres), Passed.


6.               Information Items

a.      Report of WNC Business Cards: C Moreno gave report and samples of the WNC business cards. Comments were taken from board members. Finalized card will be printed after elections with new board for new term. Jack thanked committee: Cecilia Moreno, Lucy Mejia, and Arthur Hernandez.

b.     Website Management:  L Moreno-Linares reported that Publicity Committee members met with new host provider and is waiting for cost proposal.  They hope to have a recommendation for Executive Board for next month.

c.      Appointment to NC Liaisons Committee: Jack reported that Pat Wilson will serve as our NC liaison to Controller Chicks committee.

d.     City Library Building & Expansion Program: Jack presented information on City library program, gave handouts.  Members of public can submit comments to city.

e.      Community Impact Statements: The LA City Council rejected the motion of community impact statements that would have given a voice to NC’s at city council meetings.

MSA D McCarbery/L Mejia for WNC to send letter to Councilwoman Hahn and Mayor Villaraigoza reaffirming the WNC support of Community Impact Statements. Discussion, Vote, Passed Unanimous. 

Proposition R:  Jack presented information from other NC’s and their stand on this issue and on the issue of Proposition “R”, the Term Limits/Ethics Reform proposition. MSA Lucia Moreno-Linares/Skip Baldwin, for WNC to oppose Proposition “R” and for NC Congress to lead opposition on behalf of NC’s. Discussion, Vote, 12 Yes, 3 No, 1 Abstain, Passed.


7.               Report from ACTA: Connie Rivera gave report, Q&A




8.               Report of Officers

a.      Chair – Jack gave information on visit being planned for Gail Goldberg, director of Panning Department. Publicity Committee is to draft flyer for visit. Jack reminded all committees that they need to turn in reports monthly.

b.     Secretary:  L Moreno-Linares reviewed correspondence.

c.      Treasurer: P Wilson gave report.  MSA Jack/Lucy for WNC to authorize an additional $11,303.83 (for a total of $16,302.85) for street furniture. Discussion, Vote, 14 Yes, 1 No, 0 abstain, Passed.  Publicity committee to draft notice for paper once street furniture is placed.


9.               Reports by Standing Committees

a.      Land Use and Planning Committee – Skip gave report on notices that arrive late

b.     Publicity and Communications Committee – report on next meeting. Cecilia reminded all committee that if they want to be included in December newsletter, to please start working on their piece.


10.            Unfinished Business – Gary asks that city notices be put on web site.

11.            New Business – none.

12.            Reports from Caucus Groups – L Mejia Gave report.

13.            Reports from members at Large – Skip gave report.

14.            Announcement from Governing Board Members

15.            Adjournment – Co-chair adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM.



Minutes taken by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Secretary

Approved, Cecilia Moreno, Co Chair