June 28, 2006 Meeting Minutes



1.               The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Co-Chair Cecilia Moreno at 6:14 p.m. at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Patrick Wilson.

Roll Call of Governing Board Members conducted by acting secretary Dennis McCarbery.  Members present:  S. Baldwin, M. Caraballo, D. Compton, D. Ethington, A. Hernandez, G. Kern, D. McCarbery, L. Mejia, C. Moreno, H. Osterhoudt, N. Osterhoudt, M. Perez, J. Rodriguez, M. Sandborn, P. Wilson,

2.               Los Angeles Police Report – No report.


3.               Public Comment

a.      Ken Melendez and Margie Hernandez invited the Council and the audience to the second Fiesta Corazon del Puerto on July 21-23 at Bayview Field (“C” Street and Bayview Avenue).

b.     Don Compton asserted there may be a need for new neighborhood council, and of the need for funding for a light rail system serving Wilmington and more affordable house in the community.

c.      Arthur Hernandez discussed an upcoming hearing and funding issues.


4.               Approval of minutes of previous meeting:  Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares provided minutes of the meeting of May 24, 2006, for consideration.  Motion by Wilson, second by Lucy Mejia, passed unanimously.


5.               Presentations

a.      Green Rancho Market – Joong Kim/King Woods.  Mr. Woods, representing Mr. and Mrs. Kim asked the WNC to support the request to have a beer and wine license for the market.  Skip Baldwin reported that a WNC land use committee meeting was held, there were no questions and the meeting was adjourned with out action. 

Public Comment:  Linda Stamper opposes request.  Dan Hoffman favors request.  Simi Seaman opposed request.  Joanne Wysocki opposes request.  Samuel Butler favors request.  Roger Long favors request.  Glenda Sands favors request.

b.     Park Ranger Program – Kristin Sabo of the Greater Griffith Park NC Parks Committee reported on the status of the Parks Rangers.  Currently there are 19 rangers and they have police officer status, earned in 1985.  The Mayor’s proposed budget requests 37 Park Rangers.  If the budget is adopted, at least one would be permanently assigned to Harbor Regional Park.  She said that within the City Council there is a sentiment to take away the police officer status.


6.               Action Items

a.      Department of Public Works – proposed solid waste fee increase.  Robin Jackson of the department presented the proposed fee hike from $11 per cycle for residents to $35 per cycle.  This would cover the full cost of the pick up, which would then free up funds from the City General Fund for possible use by the City Council for more police.  No motion was offered.  No action was taken.

b.     PCAC (Port Community Advisory Committee) Item for May.  WNC has been asked by PCAC to support the following motion:  PCAC recommends that the Board of Harbor Commissioners approve only those EIR’s that mitigate any significant air quality impacts to a level of insignificance.  Motion to not support the PCAC motion by Wilson, second by McCarbery.  Following extensive discussion, the roll call vote resulted in 5 yes, 5 no and 5 abstain.  The chair instructed the WNC PCAC representatives to take no position on this item at the next PCAC meeting.

c.      Light Rail Motion.  The Executive Committee recommends that the WNC Governing Board approve sending the letter drafted by the Transportation Committee to the Mayor’s Office requesting the MTA to initiate a feasibility study to establish a light rail system serving the Harbor Area.  Motion by Donna Ethington, second by Hernandez.  Following discussion, the vote was 11 yes, 1 no and 2 abstain.  Approved.  The letter will also be sent to Councilwoman Janice Hahn and David Freeman of the Harbor Commission.

d.     Adoption of COPSS Resolution.  Motion by Gary Kern, second by Baldwin.  Following discussion, the vote was 13 yes, zero no and 2 abstain.  Approved.

e.      Green Rancho Market motion.  Motion by Wilson that The Wilmington Neighborhood Council supports the issuance of a beer and wine license for the Green Rancho Market.  Second by Don Compton.  The results of the roll call vote were 11 yes, 3 no and 1 abstain.  Approved.

f.      Park Ranger motion.  The following motion was presented for consideration, The Wilmington Neighborhood Council supports the 2006-07 City Budget item funding 37 Park Rangers for regional parks.  Given the importance of the Park Rangers’ continued ability to protect our parks and park patrons by fully enforcing the law within park boundaries, the Wilmington Neighborhood Council further supports the retention of full POST agency status and Peace Officer function for the Park Ranger Division.  Motion by Kern, second by Baldwin.

Public Comment.  Cliff Ervin supported passage of the motion.  Simi Seaman favored the proposal.

Vote result was 14 yes, zero no and 1 abstain.  Approved. 

g.     LAUSD School Site F Motion.  The Executive Committee recommends to the WNC Governing Board that the attached letter stating that the WNC opposes Site F for construction of a new school in Wilmington be sent to LAUSD Board of Governors.  Motion to approve sending the letter stating the WNC opposition to Site F for a new school to the LAUSD School Board by McCarbery.  Second by Hernandez.  There was extensive Council discussion.

Public Comment:  Jose Arroyo opposed motion.  Joann McKenna opposes motion.  Chris Shaw opposed motion.  Wysocki opposes motion.  Hoffman supports the motion.  Gloria Vargas opposed the motion.  Rigoberto Castaneda supports motion, Seaman opposes motion.  Jose Meza supports motion.  Jaime Bedolla supports motion.

The result of the roll call vote was 8 yes, 6 no and 1 abstain.  Approved. 

h.     LAPD Community Police Vehicle.  Treasurer Wilson discussed the request from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Council’s previous willingness to contribute $2,500.  Following discussion, the mater was tabled until the July meeting to enable a presentation.

i.       Banning High School J.N.R.O.T.C Program.  Motion by Marisela Caraballo to send a letter to the Banning High School administration asking that the school retain the J.N.R.O.T.C. program.  Second by Mejia.

Public Comment:  Seaman supports the motion.  Theresa Velasco supports the motion.  The vote was 12 yes, 2 no and 1 abstain.  Approved.  


7.               Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) Report.  Dan Davis reported on progress on the SR47 freeway, shuttle train pilot train program and that the Alameda Corridor is expected to reach full capacity in 2020 or 2025.


8.               Information Items

a.      Report and Approval of WNC Business Cards - Moreno reported the Ad Hoc committee me last week.  She requested that the recommendation regarding the cards be brought to the next WNC meeting.

b.     Update on 912 Commission delegate selection.  Moreno reported none of the WNC candidates were appointed, however, former WNC chair Toni O’Donnell was appointed by Councilwoman Hahn to the commission.

c.      Website Management.  Michael Sandborn reported the committee is looking into various hosts and will meet again this Friday to discuss. 


9.               Governmental Representatives Reports:  Federal/State/County/City/DONE.  No representatives in attendance.


10.            Report of Officers

a.      Chair – Moreno, in interest of time, no report.

b.     Co-Chair – no report.

c.      Secretary:  Correspondence – no report.

d.     Treasurer:  2006-07 Budget.   Wilson discussed the proposed budget and a report on outstanding payments.  Some of the previous payment authorizations have not been spent or the items was acquired at a cost less than allocated, there for the WNC will be asked in the future to reallocate some of these funds.  Motion by McCarbery To approved the 2006-07 WNC Budget as presented.  Second by Caraballo.  Vote was 13 yes, zero no and 1 abstain.  Approved. 


11.            Reports by Standing Committees

a.      By-Laws Committee – Caraballo reviewed the new Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)-required election template (27-pages) and the proposed amendments to the WNC by-laws based on the DONE template.  She said all Neighborhood Councils in the City are to comply with the DONE-produced template.  The template and proposed by-laws amendments will be considered at the July meeting.

b.     Executive Board – none.

c.      Finance Committee – none.

d.     Gateway and Beautification CommitteeMoreno reported a kick off for the first Gateway on Pacific Coast Highway will be held on July 25 at 9:30 a.m. at the Shell Refinery.

e.      Land Use and Planning Committee – none.

f.      Public Works Committee – none.

g.     Publicity and Communications Committee – none.

h.     PCAC Representatives Report – none.

i.       Transportation Committee – none.


12.            Unfinished Business – none.

13.            New Business – none.

14.            Reports from Caucus Groups – none.

15.            Reports from members at Large – none.

16.            Announcement from Governing Board Members – none

17.            Adjournment – Co-chair adjourned the meeting at 10:12 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,



Dennis McCarbery

Acting Secretary