Wilmington Neighborhood Council

6-22-05 Meeting Minutes

Wilmington Senior Citizen Center, Wilmington, Ca


6:05 P.M. Meeting called to order by Toni O’Donnell, Chair.

Toni introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish Available


1-Pledge of Allegiance, Roll call of members, 17 present, quorum  

2-Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

·        LAPD-SLO Sergeant Hamilton gave report, Q&A

·        Roberta Jones Booker-LAUSD, Q&A

·        Arthur Hernandez


3- Approval of Minutes for May 2005



·        LAPD-on volunteer Mounted Unit, Q&A

·        BNSF- Ladonna Dicamillo on new near dock intermodal facility, Q&A

·        Tim Kephart- on Graffiti Tracking and Abatement, Q&A


5-Action Items: from Executive committee:

  • Motion from Finance committee to approve reallocating remaining funds to other items, Passed unanimously
  • Motion from finance committee to approve $2500 donation to Banning High Football team for new helmet, MSA Marcella C/Gary K, Discussion, vote, Passed unanimously with request for community service by recipients
  • Motion from finance committee to approve donation of $1141 for purchase of soil for baseball field at Banning Rec.Center, discussion, Council office ask for WNC to wait because it is an item that city is planning to fund, item Tabled..
  • Motion from Finance Committee to approve reallocating from Miscellaneous to Office supply $2200, MSA Cecilia M/Maricela C, discussion, Vote, Passed Unanimously
  •  Motion from Finance committee to pay $4000 to Tim Kephart for Graffiti Abatement program, MSA Cecilia M/Helen M, discussion, vote, 13 Yes, 2 No, 1 Abstain, Passed.
  • Motion from Gateway Beautification to allocate about $6,800 (or remaining funds) to its committee, MSA Maricela C/Jack B, discussion, Vote, Passed Unanimously.
  • Motion from Public Works Committee that WNC express its support for a light rail system from Downtown La to the Harbor Area with appropriate feeder lines that include Banning’s Landing,MSA Jack B/Cecilia M, discussion, public comments, Vote, Passed Unanimously
  • Motion for WNC to support current PCAC motions (support port keep, retain current marinas), MSA Gary K/Tony R, discussion, Vote, 8 Yes,(Gary K, Tony R, Helen M, Lucia M, Teri O’, Toni O’, Trish S, Patrick W,) 2 N0(Donna E, Cecilia M,  7 Abstain(Jack B, Skip B, Jose R, Maricela C, Nell O, Lucy M, Hank O), Passed


6-Report from Jacob Haik from Council Office

7-Report from Gwen Butterfield on ACTA




8-Report of officers

Report form Elections Committee, Q&A

Chair:  Toni O’ gave election committee report , including Motion to accept Churches Committee election report Form, MSA Cecilia/Jack, Vote, 14 Yes, 3 No, Passed to accept report.

Co-Chair: no report

Secretary- Lucia Moreno-Linares – Correspondence for May.

Treasurer- Patrick Wilson gave finance report


9-Report of Standing Committees:


Gateway beautification: Jack gave report

PCAC: Donna E gave report

Transportation: Donna E announced next meeting

Public Works: Jack will ask Tim for report on graffiti program

Stakeholder Reports: Churches: Helen gave report, Residents: Lucy gave report, Residents-Trish reminded everyone of NPNO on Aug 2nd.


8-Unfinished& New Business


Announcements: need volunteers for booth at Port Fiesta in July

Mtg closed 8:55 17 Council members present

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Toni O’Donnell, Chair