May 23, 2007 Meeting Minutes



The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Chair Jack Babbitt at 6:07 PM at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington. Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish available.


Pledge of Allegiance led by Dennis M.

Roll Call of Governing Board Members confirming a quorum. 15 present. Quorum.

Approval of March minutes MSA Gary K/Lucy M, 14 Yes, 1 Abstain, 0 No, Passed


2.               Public Comment

Los Angeles Police Department- Officers Zurick gave report,   Q&A

Public comment for non agenda items from

A. – Antonette Radovick from Greenbelt Rec Center

B- Ana Maria Lopez from Banning High school requesting funding for Academic Jackets for       ….students for 2008 school year, need $2,500 to give jackets to 3.5 GPA students.

C- Gary Sands, resident, on items of interest, Air Quality Study

E-ACTA – Dan Davis gave report. Q&A


3.               Presentations: None


4.               Action Items

a.      PCAC Items:  Item for June “H” Donna E explained motion, MSA Gary/Donna to WNC to support motion, discussion, Vote, 12 Yes, 0 N0, 3 Abstain (Jack, Marisela, Cecilia). PCAC reps to vote YES if item comes up for vote. On prior motion from last meeting, PCAC to abstain if it comes up for vote.

b.     Banning High School Football Team Request: The WNC Executive Board recommends to the WNC Governing Board that the WNC fund the BHS Football team’s need for practice equipment in the amount of $2,940.63 MSA Lucy/ discussion, Vote, 14 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstain (Compton), Passed.

c.      Race Way Park: The WNC Executive Board recommends to the WNC Governing Board that the WNC does not support the race way project as presented by Mr. Willie Robinson, anywhere within the boundary of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council. MSGary/ Discussion, Comments from Team Sheriff Racing, officer Bill Chafin, board members, Vote, 12 Yes, 1 No(Compton), 1 abstain(Socorro), Passed,

d.     Gateway Beautification Request for Increased Funding:   Motion by WNC Executive Board for WNC Governing Board that the WNC approve the request of an additional $1,200 per year to maintain the gateway medallions that have increased from thirty (30) to one hundred (100). Discussion, Vote, 12 Yes, 1 No (Compton), 0 abstain, Passed. 2 out.

e.      WNC Trademark Registration: Motion from WNC executive board recommending to WNC governing board that the WNC issue a letter commending the work of Port of Los angles Senior Lead Officer Ryan Strauss to be sent to officer Strauss and other appropriate officials.  MSA Ceci/ Discussion, Vote, 15 Yes, 0 No, 0 abstain.  Passed.



5.               Information Items

a.      Refreshments: Labor for June meeting.

b.     Community transportation forum:  June 9th.

c.      Bi Monthly Community Clean Ups: July is Labor groups, Socorro, May Hank & Nell residents.


6.               Report from DONE:  Rosa Arcadia from DONE gave report




7.               Report of Officers: Jack gave report and thanked Gary Kern and his adhoc committee for their work on mitigation projects. Thanked Lucia & Helen from Churches for refreshments.

Vice: no report

Secretary- No report

Treasurer-no report  

8.               Reports by Standing Committees

a.      By Laws: Maricela gave report. June 20th from 3:30 to 7:30 will be elections.

b.     Finance Committee: Jack presented the 2007-2008 WNC budget prepared by Pat, WNC Treasurer,   MSA Lucia/Lucy, to accept budget as presented,  Discussion, Vote, 14 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain, Passed.

c.      Planning and Use: Skip & Lucy gave report

d.     Public Works Committee: Jack announced next meeting.

e.       Transportation Committee: Donna gave report.

f.      Publicity and Communications Committee – Lucia gave report.

g.     PCAC Committee: Donna gave report  

9.               Unfinished and New Business- MSA to accept minutes of special meeting. MSA Gary/Hank, with correction to Marisela’s name, 13 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstain, Passed.

10.            Pat Rome gave COPSS report.  Will be included earlier in the agenda next time.

11.            Dave Williams, Postmaster, gave report

12.            Gary Sands: report on Garage Sale officer enforcement

13.            Ricardo Hong from Mayors office on Day of Service support from WNC

14.            Announcement from Governing Board Members

15.            Mike Announced that Banning Museum will have tours June 2nd,

16.            Cecilia Announced Historical tours by POLA and Tree give away.

17.            Donna announced Wilmington Family Picnic on June 9th

18.            WNC received plaque from LANI for Beautification committees work.

19.            Adjournment – Co-chair adjourned the meeting at 8:38 PM.

20.            Minutes taken by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Secretary 14 present

21.            Approved, Jack Babbitt,  Chair