Wilmington Neighborhood Council

4-27-05 Meeting Minutes

     The meeting was called to order at 6:10 P.M. by Toni O’Donnell chairperson.

Toni introduced herself and gave a brief statement.” As provided by the Brown Act, any person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary. Translation in Spanish is available.”


1. Pledge of Allegiance, Roll call of members, 18 present, quorum.

2. L.A.P.D/SLO & Port Plice Community Update- Crime 10% down. Temporary Location of L.A.P.D. 221 Bayview, corner of Bayview & C St. Lost 32 Officers, they are doing more with less. Neighborhood Watch Enforement, No Tolerance Thursdays, from 12 Noon to Midnight..

3. Public Comment on Non-agenda items

      * Art Hernandez –Report on Watson Yard & 45-50 locomotives.

      * Mr. Rubalcaba- Eastside Clean up           

      * Don Compton- Metro Meeting June 7, Div.88C Municipal office 638 Beacon St 6th floor.

      * Leticia Reed City Investigator of Public Works.- In Wilmington Office until 3 p.m.310-233-7224


4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Lena made a motion to approve, Hank seconded the motion.     16 approved 1 abstained.


5. Small School Alliance not in attendance.


6. Action Items:

               A. Finance Committee Expenditure of $1650.00 for pole clean-up tabled until next month so  Gary may put into writing, details such as, area involved, & time period.

              B. By-Laws Committee changes.

   1. Amend by-law changes recommended by D.O.N.E. for upcoming elections of WNC governing board members to state, “ Stakeholder Caucus” throughout the entire By-Laws document instead of “Stakeholder Committee” Discussion, Motion made by Marisela, seconded by Eddie Greenwood. Voted on and passed, 13 yes 5 no, 

   2. Amend to allow Stakeholder Caucus to “select” rather than “elect”/select/vote for/and or vote on” their representatives. Marisela made a motion ,  Jack seconded the motion. Voted on 14 yes, 4 no, passed.

   3. Amend the election/selection process timeline to reflet the actual dates for the selection/election that will occur and include the three options for selecting Stakeholder Caucus Representatives and clean-up other typo errors in bylaws. A motion was made by Marisela and seconded by Eddie Greenwood. Voted on 14 yes, 4 no, passed.


          C. From Executive Committee- letter of support to the Port of L.A. regarding extension of lease for H.J. Baker to remain in Wilmington. Motion made by Donna, seconded by Patrick. Voted on 6 yes, 4 no, 8 abstain. Passed.


7. Report from Jacob Haik from City Council Office.

8. Report from Dan Davis with ACTA.

9. Jerry Kobasaba will be our designated Election Administrator. He will meet prior and during to iron out filing forms and due dates. Stakeholders may work on election for members at large

The following Committee’s  & Caucuses voting/selection processes will be:

Committee                                                                                      Voting Process

Business & Industry                                                                     #3

Churches                                                                                        #1

Education                                                                                       #3

Labor                                                                                               #2

Non-Profit (Lena)                                                                         #2

Non-Profit (Tony)                                                                         #2

Continuation of  Selection/Election Processes

Park Advisory                                                                                #3

Residents (Trish & Donna)                                                          #2 or #3

Seniors                                                                                            #1

Youth                                                                Incoming ASB or Elected President

Members At Large                                          At Senior Center 4-7:30 at Senior Center  


 10. Reports of Officers-

Chair- Jack took chair – Toni asked the committee being there isn’t a timeline, to take time to review the DWP’s  MOU as she felt the WNC would have more clout if we would send WNC representatives. We would still be able to interact if we didn’t accept it, if we decide in the future to support the MOU we still could.  

Co-Chair- Jack- regarding Graffiti Abatement

Secretary- Correspondence had been rolled over from last meeting was read by


Cora Jacobs

Carl Olsen

Monthly Chamber newsletter,

Banning Museum,

Fire Dept EMS- will have WNC Liaison

New Dana Strand Advisory Board- Requesting Toni as Rep. Jessie will get meeting schedule.

Memo –Re.Cultural Affairs & WNC- Port of L.A.Community Outreach Meeting

Ciqua Action from Port

Copy of letter to Ken Melendez requesting changes in location of Veterans Park

Family Picnic –requesting sponsorship

Treasurers Report-

Patrick Wilson gave finance report. He also explained we are on a 3 year rollover, need input on  community improvement suggestions. There are Tax I.D. Perimeters we need to follow. Warrant demand execution not good enough.


11 Reports of  Standing Committee’s

Gateway- Jack gave date of next meeting & report –Fundraising on agenda, city funding, non profit status.

 PCAC- Donna- Item E-Liquid Bulk –Would like to recommend to adopt a proposed amendment to have studies done before this motion is submitted to the port master plan. Discussion, Dennis made a motion, Tony Ringor seconded the motion. Voted on the suggested revision of amendment. . 14 yes, 1 no, 2 abstain. Passed.

Land Use- Skip gave report on Green Rancho Market was denied license for beer and wine.

Finance- Covered above

Transportation- 0

Public Works- Announced next meeting.  Dept of Public works has $100,000 to resurface streets.

Finance-Covered report above

By-Laws Committee- Nothing further



12- Report from Stakeholders-

13 Member at Large-Skip concerned the Big Willie Terminal Island drag strip hasn’t been brought to the WNC or the Waterfront Committee.Statement only? We need more info.

14 –Unfinished Business

Donna- Harbor Commission Meeting, and New Sailors Park.

15- New Business- Jesse Marquez- May 23 & 24th will go to Sacramento for legislation on non polluting fuels. Student or others may attend with expenses paid.

16 Announcements from Governing Board- Bob McNeel Dinner at Harbor College $5,  Helen Mora – Church Fiestas, .Skip Baldwin, ARP- Land Use Document

17- Adjournment 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Helen Mora in absence of  Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares.