Wilmington Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes 3-27-02

6:35 pm     Banning’s Landing



Meeting opened by Toni O’Donnell.  Introduced herself and steering committee (Lucia Moreno-Linares, and Gary Kern). Led Pledge of Allegiance.  Asked if anyone needed translation. Cecilia Moreno translated.  Introduced Reggie Z. from DONE & Sergio Carrillo from council office.  Brief intro. About WNC. Explained mtg. falls under Brown Act guidelines for public mtg. & speaker cards available.

Old business:

Minutes from 2-21-02 were read MSA: Cathy Fleming/Dick Fleming

Minutes from special meeting on 3-7-02 were read. MSA: C Fleming/Julian

Minutes from budget meeting on 3-22-02 were read MSA: Julina/Cathy

New Business:

  • Budget Meeting Report: Tony presented report on mtg. and the projects proposed (9) narrowed down and submitted.  See handout
  • Report on “Gov. 101” workshops  held at Banning’s Landing. Regarding city departments and their functions and how to access these services.  Comments from those who attended. Detailed report given on different topics covered.
  • Public Works assessment of Wilmington being done in March.  Each elected neighborhood council will get a detailed report of the area included.  Then council will decide what work should get priority.  WNC should receive its report in April 2002.  Sergio Carrillo said councilwoman wants NC’s to recommend to her on what they want done.  Valerie Shaw is our liaison on Public Works board. Several members of the audience shared their experiences (good & bad) on working with city departments. Toni asked everyone to have patience and work with the system. It is being improved. Sergio Carrillo made same request to have patience and give it a bit of time. Reggie Zachary echoed same sentiments and said it takes time to change system and especially during budget shortfall times when departments are understaffed. 
  • Report on PCAP: Port Community Advisory Panel Toni reported on meeting. See handout. Item of importance is her request that panel be enlarged to allow for more representation from Wilmington. Her request will be heard at next commission meeting.  
  • Public Works grant workshop: forms available.
  • Elections: Will need to be postponed because our procedure had to be reviewed by DONE and by City Attorneys office to protect from lawsuits in future. Goal is to be ready for last week in April. Toni would like to meet with all committee chairs (Gary, Lucia, Cecilia, Skip, Donna, Susan, Cathy, etc.) before election to review. She will  contact once she has location.
  • Susan from Drum Barracks moved to schedule our monthly meetings on 4th Wednesday of month at Banning’s Landing at 6:30 pm  MSA Donna/Cecilia
  • Meeting at Holy Trinity Church in San Pedro with all NC’s Pat Wilson, Kenny Green, to attend as our reps. on Wed 4-2-02
  •  Request made to put on next month’s agenda item to allow HC to take area next to Vermont as part of their territory in NC MSA Dennis M/Dick F
  • John M from mayor’s office gave report on current projects.
  • Sergio Carrillo gave report on Dash route and on police permit meeting coming up. Invited constituents to participate and be heard.
  • Pat Wilson volunteered to sponsor our WNC booth at the 5 de Mayo street fair to give out information. Volunteers needed to staff booth.
  • Announcements
  • Public Comments

Next meeting Wed. 4-24 at 6:30 pm at Banning’s Landing

Meeting Closed at 8:50pm

_______people signed attendance

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares