February 28, 2007 Meeting Minutes



1-The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Chair Jack Babbitt at 6:10 PM at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington. Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish available. He mentioned that  needs surveys, speaker cards and process of meeting as well as the addition of email information gathering in the sign-in sheet.  He also explained that the agenda time limits would be enforced in order to cover everything on the agenda.  Roll call confirmed quorum.


2-SLO David Siurek was joined by SLO Ana Pinell and Lt. Lewis.  Overall crimes are down with the exception of property crimes, in particular, grand theft auto and burglary of autos.  He was glad to report that a tip from one of the Spanish C-PAB members is helping to focus on the culprit that is committing a lot of these crimes.  They hope to catch him in then next few days.  Q&A followed.


3-Public Comment


A-Alicia Rivera – Los Angeles for New Economy.  They are currently working on a living wage campaign supporting/working with the Port of Los Angeles and the Clean Air Action Plan on how to reduce emissions. She invited the public to a community meeting on March 1st at 3:30 PM at the Wilmington Rec Center to learn more.


B-Big Willy Robinson – he was not on the agenda due to a lack of information but wanted to give an officer that came with him the opportunity to speak on his issue.  Officer from Monterrey Park police spoke regarding Los Angeles Police Department- Senior Lead Officer Ron Johnson, William McDonald, and Q&A


C-Tim Lee representing Laura Richardson, 55th Assembly District gave report

D- Jacob Haick from Council District 15th gave report, Q&A

         No report from ACTA



a.      Efrem Joelson from Watt Community:  57 units, 8 bldgs. 26 guest spaces, RD1.5, requests support of the WNC for the project. It will be voted on later in the agenda. Q&A

b.     Ponte Vista: Bob Bizno, developer, and Irene Mendoza, David Chinder, Rochelle Gonzales, gave presentation, Q&A

c.      Ponte Vista: San Pedro NC gave different presentation on project, Q&A

5-Approval of minutes: MSA Dennis/Hanks, 17 Yes, 2 Abstain, Accepted.


6-Action Items

a-     PCAC Item: Kathleen Woodfield explained PCAC motion. MSA Dennis/Skip for WNC PCAC reps to vote against the PCAC motion in March, discussion, Vote, 8 Yes, 5 No, 5 Abstain, Motion passed, PCAC reps to vote against PCAC motion at PCAC meeting.

B-Watt Communities: Request from Watt Communities developer for support of the project. MSA Lucia/Socorro for WNC to support project.  Motion from Skip to table Motion. Motion to table not passed.  Motion from Lucia amended to: WNC to support project with consideration given to traffic concerns and naming of the project. Discussion, Vote, 12 Yes, 6 Abstain, Passed. Jack will send letter.

c-Ponte Vista: MSA Cecilia/Pat for WNC to support Ponte Vista Development, Discussion, heard comments from board for and against, heard comments from Pat Nave from San Pedro NC against Ponte Vista, MSA Jack/Art to use substitute motion from Ponte Vista Citizen Advisory, discussion, Vote, 10 Yes, 7 No, 1 Abstain, Substitute motion passed.



d-WWD-Letter of Support: MSA Lucia/Dennis for WNC to send letter of support for Wilmington Waterfront Development, MSA Lucy/Skip to table the motion, motion to table not passed, Vote on original motion to send letter of support, 14 Yes, 4 no, Passed.


E-Gateway Committee: Medallions Maintenance Agreement: Gateways committee submits motion for WNC to approve request for contracting with A-Star Sign for the maintenance of the Wilmington medallions for $1200 a year, upon DONE Approval. MSA Lucia/Dennis, Discussion, Vote, 17 Yes, 1 Abstain, Passed.


f- Response to BONC correspondence:  MSA Lucia/Dennis motion for Jack to respond to letter from BONC. Vote, Passed Unanimously.


g- WWD Motion/Don Compton: MSA Don/Art for WNC to send letter to David Freeman of Harbor Commissioner opposing the WWD proposal of burm. Discussion, Vote, 4 Yes, 11 no, 3 Abstain. Not Passed.


H-Traffic Committee- Correspondence to Frank Hong/BNSF: MSA Dennis/Lucia for WNC to send letter to Council Office, Hahn, supporting the Traffic Committee recommendation that application for “Quiet Zone” be filed for McFarland Rail Line, Discussion, Vote, and Passed Unanimously.


7-Information Items

a- Website Management: Publicity Committee recommends that Kristina Smith be hired as webmaster for WNC site at cost of $300 quarterly. To be voted on at March meeting.

b- Refreshments schedule: Education Cmt. Thanked for Feb. refreshments, March is residents,

C_ AD Hoc Committee reported that Date for mitigation projects form port has been extended to may 14.

d- Budget Day is Jan 27th, Dennis & Cecilia are our reps.

E- Empowerment Academy is March 3rd in Harbor City, Please go

F-Big Sunday

8-Report from DONE:  Rosa Arcadia from DONE gave report


9-Report of Officers: Jack gave report

Vice: no report

Secretary-no report

Treasurer-no report expect that you can go to DONE web site and see report there.

9-Reports by Standing Committees

a.      By Laws: Election Update: Chose Caucus Chairs: Business-Pat Wilson, Churches-Lucia, Education-Bobby, Labor-Socorro, Nonprofit-Jack, Non Rec-Tony Ringor, park Adv-Mike, Residents-Hank, Seniors-Gary, Students-Socorro

b.     Publicity- written report

c.      Transportation-written report

d.     PCAC-written report.

e.      Public Works Committee: bi monthly community clean up March 24th, Churches, May residents.

9-     New Bus: Susan Prichard on Banning Pool. .

10- Announcement from Governing Board Members

11-    Adjournment Minutes taken by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Secretary 17 present Approved, Jack Babbitt, Co Chair