Wilmington Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes 2-21-02

6:50 pm     Banning Park



Meeting opened by Toni O’Donnell.  Introduced herself and steering committee (Eddie Duque, Lucia Moreno-Linares, and Gary Kern). Led Pledge of Allegiance to flag.  Asked if anyone needed translation.  Intro Reggie Z. from Done & Sergio Carrillo from council office.  Thanked WCC for hosting meeting. Brief intro. About WNC. Explained mtg. falls under Brown Act guidelines for public mtg. & speaker cards available.


Old business:  Minutes from 1-23-02 were read with correction: Lenna McCarbery MSA Cathy Fleming/Dennis McCarbery

New Business:

  • ACTA presentation by Manny Hernandez, handouts, questions, comments


  • Election of Governing board Gary Kern motions to move election timeline from July to March 2002 to be able to seat board.  Discussion MSA Dennis McCarbery /Gary Kern.


  • Election Committee Report: Eddie Duque gave report on the procedure for our next election of governing board.  Detailed report followed. Note: DONE does not have funds to do a mass mailing to Wilmington to notify all stakeholders of next elections prior to elections. Assistance with copies is available. Nominees from different committees will need to answer publicly the following: 1- What are issues for the committee you represent?  Why are those issues important? Why are you the best candidate to represent those issues?  Week of  4th week of March sent for new elections.


  • Port LA Advisory Committee: WNC needs to assign our representative to the new PAC.  Nominations from floor for candidate.  MSA Dennis McCarbery/Cathy Fleming : to Appoint Toni O’Donnell as our representative, and Donna Eddington as our alternate.


  • Budget workshop report: Toni attended, see handout.  March 7th scheduled mtg. to propose some items for city budget. Anyone interested please come.


  • Deborah Lomana, LA city commission youth & children, invited all to Gov.101 class march 16th Banning landing.



Public comments

Meeting Closed at 9:05pm

_______people signed attendance

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares