November 14, 2007 Meeting Minutes




The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Jack Babbitt, Co-Chair, at 6:02 PM at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington. Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Secretary Lucia M explained that translation to Spanish available. Jack explained the various forms available in back. Dennis M explained procedures for speaking during meeting and time limits.


1.          Roll Call of Governing Board Members  (Present: Jack Babbitt, Skip Baldwin, Socorro Fimbres, Adelaida Godinez, Donna Ethington, Arthur  Hernandez, Gary kern, Dennis McCarbery, Ana Medina, Lucy Mejia, Helen  Mora, Lucia Moreno-Linares, Hank Osterhaoudt, Marcus Perez, Michael Sanborn, Patrick Wilson) 13 Quorum. 16 present. (Excused: Angie Colclasure, Cecilia Moreno, Marisela Caraballo)

             Pledge of Allegiance led by Pat Wilson


2.         Approval of October minutes MSA Dennis M/Pat W 14 Yes, 2 Abstain, 0 No, Passed


3.         Los Angeles Police Department- Officers David Siurek and Ana Pinell SLO, gave report.  Introduced their supervisor, Sergeant Pat __________.  POLA Officer Morris also gave report, Q&A


4.         Public Comment:


·       Don Compton, Resident, in support of Captain Hayes letter of support for Brotherhood Race Track.

·       Austin Dumis, new Director of Greenbelt Community Center

·       Michael Berden of 7th Street Garage regarding his business trucks using residential streets. Invited by Officer Morris of POLA.


5.         Government Rep. Reports:  

·       Jacob Haik for city council district 15th gave report. Spoke about new technology for sidewalk stamping. Q&A

·       Rosa Arcadia from DONE gave report. Q & A


6.         Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority – None.


7.         COPPS Report: Community Outreach Promoting Safety & Security, None.


8.         Presentations:

·       Wilmington Community Organization – Mary Gant gave power point presentation on community cleanup on 9-29-07. Q &A

·        LA Alliance for a New Economy – Alberto Ramirez spoke about new campaign to clean air.

·       Wilmington Historical Society – Simi Seaman gave presentation on Palm trees along Avalon Blvd. and their historical significance. An application has been submitted to declare them historical landmarks.  She requests that WNC send letter of support (in action item)



9.         Action Items

A- Recommendation for approval from WNC Executive Board for WNC Governing Board to approve supporting the PCAC EIR Subcommittee  motion regarding the TraPac EIR (Item J/PCAC agenda)  MSA Dennis       M/Lucia Moreno-Linares  Discussion, Vote, 3 No, o Abstain, 12 Yes, Passed.

B- Recommendation for Approval from WNC Executive Board for WNC Governing Board to approve sending revised WNC letter in opposition to  Selection of site F to members of LAUSD Board, Mayor Villaraigoza, and CD 15th.   MSA Art H/Hank O, Discussion, Vote, 0 Abstain, 1 No, 13 Yes,  Passed.

C-   Recommendation for Approval from WNC Executive Board for WNC to approve sending WNC letter to DC 15th in support of the ICO/LA City Council 07-3258, MSA Dennis M/Donna E, discussion, Vote, 0 No, 2 Abstain,       14 Yes, Passed.

D- Recommendation for Approval from WNC Executive Board for WNC Governing Board to approve sending letter in support of the WWDC motion regarding non support of Harbor Raceway to PCAC, Port of Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, POLA Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, and the 15th CD office. MSA Dennis M/Lucia Moreno, Discussion, Vote, 1 No, 0 abstain, 14 Yes, Passed.

E-   Recommendation after discussion from board of WNC to support choice #2 diagonal, and Cinnamon as color for cross walk designs on Avalon and Anaheim.

F- Recommendation for Approval from WNC Executive Board for WNC Governing Board to approve removing non attending board members Candace Graham and George Pan.  MSA Gary K / Ana, Discussion, per city Attorney, WNC is within its rights to remove non performing board members, Vote, 0 No, 0 Abstain, 15 Yes, Passed.

G-   Motion for WNC to send letter in support of having Avalon Palms declared historical landmarks, MSA Lucy M / Hank, Discussion, Vote, 1 No, 1 Abstain, 14 Yes, Passed.




10.       Information Items

·       Bi-monthly Community Cleanups – Socorro (labor) for Nov Art (residents for Jan

·       Ad Hoc Committee Report / Contribution Form review – Lucia Moreno gave written report and took comments for form improvements.

·       Hahn Meeting Summary: Jack gave brief report and Lucia provided written report on meeting with DC 15 Hahn and staff.

·       COLA Planning Applications-info.

·       COLA green building program-info.

·       Refreshments schedule review


12.       Reports of Officers

·        Chair- Jack announced that December meeting will only have 1 item on the agenda, all the time will be devoted to refocusing WNC.

·       Co-chair – Excused absent

·       Secretary – no report.

·       Treasurer – Pat went over funds received and spent.


13.       Reports by Standing Committees

·       By-Laws Committee – None.

·       Executive Board – None.

·       Finance Committee – None.

·       Gateway & Beautification Committee – meets the first Tuesday monthly at noon at the WMB WNC office.

·       Land Use & Planning Committee – None.

·       Public Works Committee – Meets on the second Wednesday monthly.

·       Publicity and Communications Committee – None

·       Transportation Committee – Donna E gave written report.

·       PCAC Representatives Report – no meeting


14        Unfinished Business – None.


15        New Business- None.


16        Reports from Caucus Groups None


17        Reports from Members-at-Large: None


18        Announcement from Board Members and community – None


19        Adjourn – 9:08 PM


                  Minutes taken by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Secretary


                  Approved by Jack Babbitt, Chair