Wilmington Neighborhood Council

10-26-2005 Meeting Minutes

Wilmington Senior Citizen Center, Wilmington, Ca


6:10P.M. Meeting called to order by Jack Babbitt, Chair.

Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish Available


1-Pledge of Allegiance, Roll call of members, 19 present, quorum  


2-LAPD report: Officer Johnson and Lt. Ray Montez from LAPD gave report


3- Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

Don Compton

4- Approval of Minutes for September 2005, MSA Cecilia/Patrick W



·        Wilmington Save Our Homes Coalition: Chris Shaw & several other residents gave comments on LAUSD K-8 school site selection, including Sergio Carrillo from Council Office, and Simie Seaman

·        ConocoPhillips-Los Angeles Refinery: Andy Perez and Paul Langland, Public Affairs Manager gave report, Q&A


6-Action Items:

  • From Executive Committee: Amended  Motion for  WNC to support the WSOHC position that no homes be taken in the LAUSD K-8 school site selection, MSA Lucia Moreno-Linares/Art Hernandez, discussion, vote, 15 Yes, 4 no, 0 abstain, passed to support amendment,

Vote on motion, 18 Yes, 0 No, 1 abstain, passed

  • From PCAC Committee: on  items to be voted at next PCAC meeting, presentation from June Burlingame and Stacy Jones, Port Staff,  Motion for WNC PCAC representatives to abstain from voting on PCAC motion, MSA Cecilia Moreno / Dennis McCarbery, discussion, Vote , 10 Yes, 8 No, 1, Passed
  • Motion to table original PCAC motion, Vote, 13 yes, 3 no, 1 abstain, original motion tabled
  • From Executive committee: Motion for WNC to not participate in the City of Los Angeles 2006-7 budget Survey, MSA:Cecilia/Dennis M, discussion, Q&A from board and audience, Vote, Unanimous support, passed
  • Motion for WNC to submit in writing why we chose not to participate in budget survey, vote, unanimous support, passed
  • From Executive committee: Motion for WNC Education Caucus to begin the process of selecting a replacement caucus member by selecting one of the three selection  processes outlined in the caucus member selection  guidelines, and further this selection be completed prior to the November Governing Board Meeting, MSA Lucia Moreno/Dennis M, discussion, Motion by Art Hernandez that Don Compton be appointed as education representative, Seconded by Lenna McCarbery, discussion, Substitute motion to accept executive board recommendation in place of motion by Art, discussion, vote to accept substitute motion, 13 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstain, Substitute motion carries, discussion continues on original motion, vote, 16 yes, 2 no, 0 abstain, Motion Passed.  Bobby McNeill, other education representative, will chair selection.
  • From Executive Committee: Motion for WNC to participate in the celebration of Mr. Candelario Gonzalez’s 100th  Birthday by honoring him at the January 2006 WNC meeting, MSA Jack B / Maricella C, discussion, vote, Unanimous support, passed
  • From Executive committee: Motion for WNC to extend an invitation to Greg Nelson, General Manager Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, to attend the December governing Board Meeting as part of the WNC’s 4th Anniversary Celebration, discussion, vote, Unanimous support, passed.
  • From Executive Committee: Motion for WNC to reschedule the November and December meeting dates to the thirds Wednesday of the month due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays: November 16th at 6:30 PM and the December 14th at 6:00 PM, discussion, Vote, 17 Yes, 1 No, 0 abstain, Passed


7-Report from Council Office: Cindy Fowler

    Report from Patricia Castellanos from Mayor’s Office

    Report from Gabriela Quintana, DONE

8-Report from Dan Davis on ACTA




9-Report of officers

Chair:  Jack B gave report, reminded all board members that standing committees need to meet monthly and need to submit a written report for board packets, snack assignments for Nov. mtg. if for gateway committee.

Co-Chair: no report

Secretary- Lucia Moreno-Linares –reminded everyone to please sign attendance list.

Treasurer- Patrick Wilson gave report. $485.75 needs to be reimbursed to him for postage, MSA Dennis/Lucia, to reimburse Patrick for postage of $498.75, discussion vote, 17 Yes, 1 abstain, Passed.

Patrick presented revised budget for 2005-2006, MSA Patrick W/ Dennis M for WNC to amend the 2005-2006 Budget as presented to allocate funding for the LAPD Community Police Vehicle and LAPD Mounted Patrol Corral. Discussion, Vote, Unanimous support, Passed new budget.


10-Report of Standing Committees:


Gateway beautification: Jack announced matching grant application submitted and next meeting.

PCAC: Donna E gave report

Transportation: Donna E announced next meeting

Public Works: recommend motion for WNC governing board to send letter to Council District 15 Councilwoman Janice Hahn requesting strict enforcement of the city parking ordinance restricting the parking of vehicles over 22 fee in length in residential neighborhoods in order to ease parking congestion in Wilmington, MSA Art H / Jack B, discussion, vote, Unanimous support, Passed.


Stakeholder Reports: Churches: Helen gave report, Residents: Lucy gave report,


11-Unfinished& New Business



Mtg closed 9:00 19 Council members present

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Jack Babbitt, Chair