Wilmington Neighborhood Council

10-22-03 Meeting Minutes

Wilmington Senior Citizen Center, Wilmington, Ca


6:15 P.M. Meeting called to order by Toni O’Donnell.

Patrick Wilson led pledge of allegiance.

Toni O. introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Announced translation to Spanish available.


1-Roll call of members, 13 present, quorum


2-Public Comment- Non Agenda Items

Helen Jakoski, Carol Rowan


3-Minutes from September meeting read and approved.


4- Presentation: Tra Pac presentation by Frank Paisano on their expansion and Terminal upgrade.  Q& A followed

Unfinished business: Mayor’s Budget Process


5- Report of officers

Chair:  Toni O’ gave brief review of policy for representation of WNC at other meetings. Clarified that the only way to speak on behalf of the WNC is if an item has been discussed and a position taken by WNC.  The president of the WNC is the official spokesperson for the council, unless authority is given to someone else on specific item. 


Co-Chair: Jack Babbitt gave out report on committee assignments for WNC members.


Secretary- Lucia Moreno -Correspondence-2 items, from Council office & Planning Commission


Treasurer- Patrick W gave Sept. finance report


6-Communications/Elected Officials

  • Sergio Carrillo from Councilwoman Hahn’s office gave report on various activities
  • Chad Molnar from Rep Jane Harman gave report
  • Mark Lewis from Done invited all to Nov. 1 congress
  • Dan Davis rep ACTA




7-Presentation: Robert Urteaga from Council Office gave report on Sports Complex being proposed and on current sports center and renovations it needs.  Council office would like a letter in support of sports center to ask for funding.   Q&A followed


8-Report of Standing Committees:

Executive Committee:

·       Item 1 on agenda is tabled at their request

·       Item 2 on agenda is tabled at request of Maricela on by laws committee until next meeting

·       Item 3 on agenda: Motion to participate as a member of the Alliance of Neighborhood Councils, discussion, vote, passed  unanimous, Toni O is appointed delegate

·       Item 4 on agenda: Motion for the WNC to become a sponsor of the Heart of the Harbor Holiday Parade, Sunday December 4th, discussion, WNC would be a transportation sponsor for high school marching band at a cost of $2,500. , discussion as to who can vote, 10 of 15 council members can vote,, Q&A, public comments heard, discussion, call for question, vote, 9 yes, 1 no, 5 abstain, passed


PCAC: Donna Ethington gave report.  1 item for action by WNC board.

Item 1: That WNC supports the motion of the WWD to the PCAC that PCAC recommend to the Board of Harbor Commissioners that it supports the WWD Subcommittee’s opposition to the realignment of the existing Harry Bridges Blvd. under current plans and its opposition to the expansion of the TraPac Terminal across the existing location of Harry Bridges Blvd. into the community. Discussion, Motion by Maricela Caraballo so send the motion back to committee for further review, extensive discussion, vote on referral to committee, 9 no, 4 yes, 2 abstain, motion failed, more discussion, public comments heard, discussion, vote, 8 yes, 5 no, 2 abstain, passed to support original motion.


 Land Use: Skip B gave report on letter sent to Mike Molina from Council office that WNC is not getting notices on time.


Finance: Pat W gave report and 3 action items

1-Motion for approval in concept of requesting funding for sponsorship of sports equipment of various youth organization in Wilmington, to be given out in December , vote, unanimous, passed


2-Motion to request funding for lap top computer, software, and power point projector for WNC presentations for $3,500.  Discussion, vote, unanimous, passed.


3- Motion to increase amount to spend on digital camera from $500 to $650, vote, unanimous, passed


Transportation: Donna E reported and presented motion to allow any Wilmington stakeholder who attends two consecutive Transportation committee meetings the right to vote and or make motions at the third Transportation committee meeting or meetings after that which they may attend.  Attendance shall be determined by the Transportation committee sign in sheet.  In order to establish a quorum at a Transportation committee meeting, there must be 51% WNC Transportation c members in attendance, vote, unanimous, passed.


Public Works:  Cecilia Moreno presented Motion for the WNC to support the Terminal Island Renewable Energy Demonstration Project, as presented at the WNC September meeting, with the condition that the WNC Public Works committee receive both verbal and written quarterly reports by the Los Angels Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation, as well as a written quarterly report to the general WNC and the Department of Sanitation beautify the exterior appearance with landscaping at their site on Terminal Island and that a letter indicating our support be forwarded to Councilwoman Janice Hahn and Mayor James Hahn. Vote, 13 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain, passed.


By laws Committee- Maricela reported on the changes proposed and handed out to review, and will take vote at November meeting.


Gateway Beautification: Jack B reported


Publicity- Eddie G reported


10-Unfinished Business

Motion to move Dec mtg time to 6:30, discussion, vote, 13 yes, 2 no, passed to change time.

Motion for WNC to become a sponsor of the Wilmington Family Picnic, vote, unanimous, passed.


New Business

Eddie G request that churches committee send letter to churches.  Helen and Lucia to follow up.



Mtg closed 9:38 p.m.

Minutes taken, prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Toni O’Donnell, Chair