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November 20, 2002

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MINUTES of The Wilmington Neighborhood Council
Governing Board
November 20, 2002

6:10 P.M. Meeting called to order by Toni O’Donnell.

Patrick Wilson led pledge of allegiance.

Toni O. introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.” 

1 - Roll call of Members

12 present at call, excused Simi Seaman, Jack Babbitt. (Attendance sheet attached).

Agenda presented and accepted.

Toni thanked Will Hall Park staff for hosting meeting.

2 - Public Comments given on Items not on agenda.

Rudy Torres, Art Hernandez, John Lambert

LA Police Dept. community update by Officer Mathias & Officer Cassey, QandA

3 - Minutes from Oct. 2002 meeting

Read and approved MSA Dennis McCarbery/Cecilia Moreno

Change in Agenda

4 - Presentation by Mitsubishi LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facility on Terminal Island

Vvideo presentation and QandA

Presentation by Alameda Transportation Authority (ACTA) and LA Dept of Transportation (LADOT) Manny Hernandez, ACTA, and Vatche Kwywmjian, LADOT.  Q&A from audience.  MSA Dennis M/Tony Ringor that WNC request copy of traffic plan for Alameda project, discussion, vote, unanimous.  Manny H, ACTA, said WNC would have it by next regularly scheduled meeting.

Committee Reports

PCAC report:  Public comments were heard first. Juan Hernandez, Daniel Ruvalcaba, Eddie Greenwood, Raul Orozco, Art Hernandez, in support of Harbor View Promenade alternative. 

- Donna Ethington gave her report, handouts attached. Discussion by council members.

 - Toni O’ gave her report and shared concern that due process was not given to choose promenade alternative, since this was not a choice that community explored in the series of community meeting held by port.  This concern was shared by several other council members.

5 min. Break

Reminder given to refrain from personal comments and to keep to topic at hand.

MSA Gary Kern/Lucia Moreno-Linares that WNC vote to have our PCAC representative vote negative on option #9, Harbor View Promenade, and request that Harbor Department institute more public hearings to discuss top 3 proposals submitted by PCAC subcommittee. Discussion, vote, unanimous

Land Use/Planning report: public comment by Nicolasa Castaneda, owner of La Michoacana Market on “L” St.  She is requesting a variance permit, item referred to Land Use Committee.

- On Las Flores project Lucia reported that Harbor Area Planning Committee approved his variance even though the neighbors of the property & the WNC were there to oppose the variance.  No one was present from Council Office to oppose it, as we had been assured they would be there, and instead the record showed a letter from Dec. 2001 in support form Councilwoman Hahn.

Finance Report: Patrick W Budget prioritizing survey tabled for next meeting. We need responses from all members please. Take input/surveys to prioritize budget items & submit them to Mayor’s office after committee reviews.

Transportation: Donna E reported that Avalon/Anaheim crossing will be recommended for lights & bench placing. Donna will send letter to council office.

Public Works: Cecilia M reported that committee is still waiting for Public Works person who will come to Dec. mtg. She has sent letter to director of Public Works regarding their lack of timely response. 

By Laws: Dennis M passed out copies of corrected Bylaws and the conflict of Interest Code. Toni O’ will get a copy to DONE to have it submitted to city council to approve our Conflict of Interest Code

Report of Officers

Chair - Toni O reported on citywide NC meeting to be held Dec. 7, 2002, to be held in San Pedro.  Gave report on Alliance of Neighborhood /councils meeting on 11-16-02.

Vice Chair - Gary K reported on Grand Opening of Senior Citizens Center at Banning Park on 12-6-02 and on the Wilmington Holiday Parade.  We need a representative; Trish will look for WNC reps. to be there.

Secretary’s Report - MSA Lucia M for WNC to send letter to council office on behalf of Rudy Torres and his concerns. Discussion, vote, unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report - Patrick reported that we are still waiting for EIN # from IRS to open bank account.

5 - Presentations of Elected officials and representatives of city departments

- Neighborhood Empowerment Action Team (NEAT) Donny Brooks gave report

- Targeted Neighborhood Improvement (TNI) Irene Mendoza from Council Office reported that there have been no meetings because Frank O’Brien did not yet have a contract from city to work on project.  It is being arranged now. QandA

Unfinished business:

Dec. WNC mtg. will be on Dec. 11th, 1 year anniversary. Lucia M, Lenna M, Toni O’, Cecilia M, will work on organizing celebration.

New Business:

A - need to find 2 new reps. For Education Committee, will ask Susan Prichard if she will help find them.

Agenda Items

Public comments

Art Hernandez, Raul Orozco, Eddie Greenwood, Lucy Mejia, Jessie Marquez


Meeting closed 9:15 pm

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Toni O’Donnell, Chair

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As always, the Neighborhood Council Members encourage you to attend local meetings and participate in the decisions that affect our community.



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