October  25, 2006 Meeting Minutes



The meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council (WNC) was called to order by Chair Jack Babbitt at 6:08 p.m. at the Wilmington Senior Center, 1371 Eubank Ave., Wilmington. Jack introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Translation to Spanish available.


Pledge of Allegiance led by Dennis McCarbery.

Roll Call of Governing Board Members conducted by Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares.  Members present:  J Babbitt, S. Baldwin, D. Compton, S. Fimbres, D. Ethington, A. Hernandez, G. Kern, D. McCarbery, B McNeil,  L. Mejia, H Mora, C. Moreno, L Moreno-Linares, H. M. Perez, T. Ringor, J. Rodriguez, N Sanborn, P. Wilson.
Approval of minutes of previous meeting:  Secretary Lucia Moreno-Linares provided minutes of the meeting of Sept.  2006, for consideration.  Motion by P.Wilson, second by L. Mejia, Approved.


2.                  Los Angeles Police Report – Officer David Surek and Anal Pinell gave report,   Q&A


3.                  Public Comment

a.       Pearl Adamo on pot holes in alley.

b.      Raymond Yu on Hollywood Christmas parade.

c.       Wolf Fengler on Railroad Historical Society.

d.      Miguel Lopez on IBT port workers/drivers and teamsters drive.

e.       Julian Burger on getting out the vote.

f.        Council Office- Gordon Teuber

g.       Mayor’s office – Ricardo Hong

h.       DONE – Lisa Sarno, DONE interim manger, presentation to WNC for Gateways project

i.         ACTA – Dan Davis gave report.


4.                  Presentations

a.       Watt Communities – Efrem Joelson gave presentation on proposed condominium project, Q&A, informational item only.


5.                  Action Items

a.       Education Committee – Site F:  Motion from Education committee for WNC to send letter to LAUSD urging Marlene Cantor and Roy Romer to seek reversal of the LAUSD board’s July 11 decision to make site “F” the preferred site for the new SPAN school in Wilmington. M/S D McCarbery, L Moreno-Linares, discussion, Vote, 9 Yes, 5 No, 3 Abstain, Passed.

b.      Traffic Committee:  Motion from WNC Traffic Committee recommends to the WNC that the committee letter dated 9-27-06 requesting assistance from Council District 15 regarding parking issues in Wilmington be approved for distribution. MSA Cecilia Moreno/Dennis M, Discussion, Vote, Yes Unanimous, Passed.

c.       Hawaiian Avenue school request tabled.

d.      Gary Kern recommends that Horse Corral Item expense be moved to miscellaneous.


6.                  Information Items

a.       LAPD helping Badge Holiday Food program: Request not for specific item so WNC can’t fund.

b.      Website Management:  L Moreno-Linares reported that Publicity Committee members met with new host provider and is waiting for cost proposal.  No recommendation yet for WNC.  Gary suggested a different person for doing hosting.

c.       Budget Day: Rosa from DONE urged all members to complete survey.

d.      COLA Budget Day Representatives:  Cecilia Moreno and Patrick Wilson will be WNC Reps. at budget day.

7.                  Report from DONE:  Rosa Arcadia gave report, reminded all board members of conflict of interest training available from DONE and required for all board members of WNC.  Letter from City attorney regarding legal opinions available. Q&A




8.                  Report of Officers

a.       Chair – Jack reminded all committees that they need to turn in reports of meetings being held for the record.

b.      Secretary:  L Moreno-Linares reviewed correspondence.

c.        Treasurer: P Wilson gave report. 

9.                  Reports by Standing Committees

a.       Land Use and Planning Committee – Skip gave report.

b.      Publicity and Communications Committee – report on next meeting. Cecilia reminded all committee that if they want to be included in December newsletter, to please start working on their piece.


10.              Unfinished Business – Gary asks that city notices be put on web site.

11.              New Business – none.

12.              Reports from Caucus Groups – L Mejia Gave report.

13.              Reports from members at Large – Skip gave report.

14.              Announcement from Governing Board Members

15.              Adjournment – Co-chair adjourned the meeting at 9:45 PM.



Minutes taken by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Secretary 18 present

Approved, Jack Babbitt, Co Chair