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August 28, 2002

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MINUTES of The Wilmington Neighborhood Council
Governing Board
August 28, 2002

6:41 P.M. Meeting called to order by Toni O’Donnell.

Patrick W. led pledge of allegiance.

Toni introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.” 

Roll call of members, 12 present, and quorum confirmed. (Attendance sheet attached).

Agenda presented and accepted.

Toni thanked Will Hall Park staff for hosting meeting. Introduced Rosana for translation to Spanish.

Minutes of July 24 meeting read, MSA Skip B/Dennis M, unanimous

1 - Public Comments given on Items not on agenda.

Cathy Flemming, Bill Schwab

2 - Presentations of elected officials and representatives of city departments

A - Abigail Zimmerman-Area Director for Mayor’s office-presentation on NEAT.

*MSA Gary K/Dennis M for WNC to issue letter of support for NEAT and to request that Wilmington be given first priority for funding in phase 1.  Discussion, Vote: Unanimous

B - Sergio Carrillo-Council office-report on Wilmington issues.

*C- Officer Casey-LAPD-questions from audience- request that letter of appreciation be sent to CHP to thank them for their support with truck traffic enforcement.  Item referred to traffic committee to draft letter.

D - Veronica Zendejas-Assemblywoman Oropeza’s office-report on Sept 11th activities

E - Frank O’Brien-LAHWEDC-report on TNI-Park Study

F - Done-written communication-Toni O

3 - Presentations from community organizations:

A - Filiberto Gonzalez-United Way presentation on Success by 6, elementary school prog.

B - Harbor UCLA not here to report, will come in Sept.

4 - Officers Reports

Chair - Toni O reported on Neighborhood Congress, attended by Toni O, Lucia M, Connie C, Tony R, Trish S, and Patrick W, and on correspondence received from San Pedro council and her response, attached, MSA Dennis M/Dan H for Toni O to send response as presented, discussion, vote, unanimous. Reported on correspondence regarding Wilmington Cemetery and its needs, MSA Dennis M/Dan H for Toni to send response after meeting with Cecilia, discussion, vote, unanimous, MSA Lucia M/Dennis M for Toni O to be to be official spokesperson for WNC, discussion, unanimous

Item out of order because Police Officers need to leave, OK with consent of all, Item L on agenda.

Donna wanted follow up on catering truck issue, nothing new

Vice Chair - no report Gary K.

Secretary’s Report - Lucia M. reminded everyone to sign attendance list at arrival and review minutes before coming to meeting. They will be “e” mailed or faxed before meeting.  Everyone is asked to please submit written summary for any items you want placed on agenda.  We need to know what the item is about in order to prioritize agenda items and to forward information to council members so they have an idea what at item is about, what you want the WNC to do about it, and so that the members can bring this item to their groups.

Treasurer’s Report - Patrick W. reported “no report” because we don’t have any funds yet.

Committee Reports

Land Use/Planning report:

1 - Gary K. reported that he has named Skip B to chair subcommittee on Street trees

2 - and that LU/P recommends supporting BIB street tree project.  MSA Joe I/Tony R for WNC to recommend that BID tree project go forward with recommendation that BID work with Street Tree subcommittee. Discussion, vote, 11 yes, 1 no, passed

3 - Recommend support for position of LAPD regarding Connie’s Bar on Avalon Blvd, MSA Joe I/Lucia M for WNC to support position of LAPD Harbor Division and oppose granting conditional use permit to Connie’s Bar for a Dance Hall, discussion, vote, unanimous, Skip B will deliver letter from WNC to hearing.

4 - 701 E “L” St. Property, zoned residential, owned by railroad, used for dirt storage. Discussion, MSA Skip B/Lucia M that WNC send letter to Building and Safety, Council office, Mayors office, urging the enforcement of residential zoning regulations on this property and to put a stop to any further non residential use of this property by ACTA, further discussion, vote, unanimous

5 - Animal Shelter location-MSA Lucia M/Dan H that WNC recommend the “G S” place location for the shelter, discussion, vote, 1 abstention, 12 yes, passed

6 - A-liquor store being appealed, B-not reviewed, no recommendation

7 - McFarland Ave/L St. Development requesting Zone Change or Variance, Lucia M reported, attached handout, and requested that WNC should recommend denying the variance or zone change, discussion, MSA Cecilia M/Skip B that WNC send letter to Harbor Area Planning Commission, councilwoman Hahn, and Zoning Administrator requesting denial of zone change or variance for Mcfarland Ave. /L St. project known as Las Flores case # 2000-5306-ZC, discussion, vote, unanimous

8 - MSA Gary K/Skip B that WNC send letter to  DONE requesting in most expeditious manner possible the names to department heads and their ph# and “e” mail, contact list, , discussion, vote, unanimous

PCAC report: Toni O. reported on PCAC meeting of 8-22 and said Donna E has been named to chair the Wilmington committee on B St.

Finance Report: Patrick W reported on potential funding, and grant given to WNC by Councilwoman Hahn, but we can’t take check until we have an account

Environment - no report

Transportation: Bus stop-tabled for next mth.

Public Works: item 1 on bus stop tabled,

1 - Cecilia M reported on Public Works meeting, attached, and recommendation. MSA Cecilia M/Skip B that WNC strongly urge the ACTA board, by way of letter to councilwoman Hahn, ACTA chair, and Mayor Hahn, that ACTA be required to comply with local government agencies and regulations as it goes about its work on the Alameda corridor, discussion, vote, unanimous

2 - MSA Cecilia M/Patrick W that WNC request ACTA and/or City to provide copy of MOU between City of LA and ACTA, discussion, vote, unanimous

3 - MSA Cecilia M/Lenna M that WNC requests ACTA and City official, as soon as possible to give tour to WNC board of the ACTA Maintenance Yard and detours being required of local businesses  to see real impact of ACTA actions, discussion, vote, unanimous

4 - Cecilia will be seeking someone from Public Works to explain Wilmington Assessment report to committee.

By Laws: Dennis M reports next meeting 9-10-02

Non Profit: 1- hand out on NAP

2 - MSA Lucia M/Dennis M for WNC to issue letter of support for 2 programs that    HCDC funds, Wilmington Teen Center and Home Care, discussion, vote, 9 ayes, 3 abs, motion passes.

Park Advisory: No report

Unfinished business:

Procedural handling of absentee members tabled until after the By Laws committee addresses it at their next meeting.

New Business:

Stationary - Dennis M will work on it.

Nov. meeting changed to 20th because of Thanksgiving

Dec. meeting will be on 12th and short with potluck to celebrate 1 year anniversary.

Agenda Items

None submitted but discussion on possibility of fixing a time to conclude meetings.

Agreement to start meetings at 6:00 pm from now on instead of 6:30

Public comments



Meeting closed 10:25 pm

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Toni O’Donnell, Chair

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As always, the Neighborhood Council Members encourage you to attend local meetings and participate in the decisions that affect our community.



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