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May 28, 2003

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MINUTES of The Wilmington Neighborhood Council
Governing Board
May 28, 2003

6:15 P.M. Meeting called to order by Toni O’Donnell.

Patrick Wilson led pledge of allegiance.

Toni O. introduced self and gave brief statement: “As provided by the Brown Act, person in the audience may address the committee in connection with any agenda item or during the public comments period.  Anyone desiring to speak please complete a speaker card and submit it to the secretary.”  Announced translation to Spanish available.

1 - Roll call of Members
11 present at call, (Attendance sheet attached).

Agenda presented and accepted.

Report from LAPD-Senior Lead Officers- Officer Johnson introduced new Captain Pat Gannon

2 - Public Comments given on Items not on agenda.

Art Hernandez, Dick Fleming on varied items.

2 - Minutes read & approved MSA Cecilia Moreno/Patrick Wilson

Report of Officers

Chair-Toni O reported on upcoming conference and gave handouts.   

Vice-Chair - Gary Kern no report

Secretary’s Report - Lucia Moreno-Linares went over communications received

Treasurer’s report- Patrick Wilson reported that account has balance of $644.22 after paying monthly bank fee. Bank Stmt available for anyone who wishes to see it, report attached, Q&A

5 - Presentations of Elected Officials
and representatives of city departments

Donny Brooks - NEAT- NBG - Neighborhood Block Grant program is replacing the old TNI program that Mayor Riordan had for Wilmington.  Q&A

Sergio Carrillo from Councilwoman Hahn’s office gave report on community events, Q&A

Mike Gregerson from Housing Department gave report.

Justin Houterman from city attorney’s neighborhood prosecutor program gave update.

DONE - Mark Lewis reported on program coming from DONE for training.

ACTA -Manny Hernandez reported that ACTA Bridge work will begin on Monday. Q&A

Committee Reports

PCAC report:  Toni O handed out port report on China shipping settlement funds and application process.

Donna Ethington gave report on Waterfront development subcommittee mtgs.   

Land Use/Planning report:  Cecilia Moreno gave report on joint meeting with Public Works. 

MSA: Cecilia M/Gary K for WNC to recommend that China Shipping settlement funds be used to acquire park land for east Wilmington. discussion, vote, unanimous.

MSA: Cecilia M/Gary K for WNC to recommend to Town Square taskforce a botanical garden be placed, or something like it, move benches to outside, increase security, ask BID to help cover night time security, discussion, vote, unanimous

MSA: Cecilia M/Gary K for WNC to recommend to Council Office to place street furniture in front of municipal bldg, discussion, amendment, Joe I, to add trash can to benches, discussion, vote, unanimous


Finance Report: Patrick reported on request to change budget. Toni O handed chairing of meeting to Lucia so she could comment.  Toni O commented and gave handout and reasoning for reallocating $3000 of budget  to purchase trash cans and benches for front of municipal bldg.  public comments,

MSA Toni O/Gary K, discussion, vote, 11 yes, 2 no, passed.

MSA: Patrick W/Toni O for WNC to donate $250 to June 14th community cleanup, public comment, discussion, vote, unanimous.

MSA: Patrick W/Toni O for WNC to allocate $1500 for website development with LINKLA, discussion, public comments, more discussion, vote, unanimous

Transportation:  Donna E report that AB 1651 truck bill passed, traffic light study,

Public Works:  Cecilia Moreno reported catering trucks issue.  Please call 877 –LAPD to report trucks.   Committee meets every 2nd Wed. of month,

By-Laws:  no report.

Election Committee:  Toni O’ announced that the WNC elections will be held on Wed. June 11th.  There will be 3 at large positions and also any stakeholder groups that have not yet held their elections that is the last day they can do it. Reports were given by different stakeholder groups.

Unfinished business:

New Business:


Public comments: Romero Quesada, Jessi Marquez

MSA Joe I/Dennis to close Meeting at 8:50 pm

Minutes prepared by Lucia Moreno-Linares, Council Secretary


Approved by Toni O’Donnell, Chair

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As always, the Neighborhood Council Members encourage you to attend local meetings and participate in the decisions that affect our community.



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